Quality and service

KNECHT in Metzingen has been dealing with the development and production of greenhouse equipment for almost 75 years.

This business continuity over decades and generations shows that the company has the flexibility, flair and specialist products to meet customer needs and market requirements.

Products from KNECHT are delivered and installed throughout Germany as well as in Austria and Switzerland. Also in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal too. Other projects are being realised in Hungary, Romania, The Czech Republic, Slovenia and Poland. KNECHT products can even be found in the USA and Canada.

KNECHT will also set trends in future and produce forward-looking technologies.

KNECHT has been building for generations for generations!

The KNECHT corporate group employs 210 staff at its 3 sites in Metzingen, Herschbach, Glindow, Sora, Glesien, Oranienbaum and in Switzerland today. Approx. 50 employees in total work in the greenhouse segment.

1928 The company is founded in 1928 by Otto KNECHT as a construction company at the corporate group’s head office today in Metzingen.
1946 A completely new start is required after the Second World War. Chimney bricks, hollow bricks, steps and precast concrete are produced to meet the current demand for construction materials.
1950 Start of production and supplying horticultural businesses with cold frames and plant tables, back then still made out of elaborate precast concrete, made out of high-quality aluminium and steel profiles today.
1978 Foundation of its own production business for greenhouse equipment. The production and supply range today includes all kinds of table and internal transport systems plus appropriate automatic irrigation as well as a full range of sales equipment.
1986 CNC machining and shaft production as a second pillar to the greenhouse business.
1990 BWS - Bewässerungssysteme is founded to develop the irrigation segment even further and sensibly expand the product range.
1992 Expansion of the CNC product range by selling aluminium profile systems.
1998 Integration of the companies BWS and Eckle GmbH into KNECHT GmbH.

Projects can be planned, supplied and assembled by one company by supplementing and complementing the KNECHT products with irrigation systems, irrigation gantries and internal transport systems.

In terms of ensuring production and product quality and improving processes a voluntary commitment to internal and external monitoring is made for the customers’ benefit.

The entire KNECHT corporate group has held the CERTIFICATE for introducing a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 17.04.1997.
2012 Knecht GmbH reforms its own company pension scheme.

The company pension scheme was nothing new in itself at KNECHT GmbH. But to meet the company’s responsibility towards its staff and make full use of the state’s funding opportunities, KNECHT GmbH has been offering its own company pension scheme since August 2012.