Kientzler GmbH & Co. KG

The parent company in Gensingen has a 53,000 m² greenhouse area at two locations. We planned, project managed and installed an irrigation system for a container ebb and flow system and the supply of irrigation gantries in the new building with a total area of approx. 26,200 m².

Rainwater from the roofs is generally used for the water supply. This is then prepared in 3 outdoor storage tanks each with 895m³. The untreated water is pumped from the outdoor storage tanks into the 4 steel cisterns (irrigation water tanks) in the engineering room. There are 4 irrigation water tanks with motorised choice of tank, frequency-controlled fertiliser mixing station for parallel operation of the plant as well as mechanical water preparation using a sand filter for the inflow and coarse dirt filtering for the outflow in the totally new water room.

Water engineering room

  • 1 clean water tank with 148m³ = for the irrigation gantries
  • 1 clean water tank with 123m³ = for the ebb and flow system and internal water consumption
  • 2 fertilising water tanks with 123m³ = for the ebb and flow system
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