Irrigation systems

For economical production.

We offer complete systems aimed at the specific irrigation needs, taking in account the type of plants and the size of the culture. Depending on the needs of the type of plants, we can offer irrigation systems like:

  • Flow irrigation
  • Mat irrigation
  • Drip irrigation
  • Nozzle irrigation
  • Internal pump station
  • System partition to DIN 1988
  • Fertiliser mixing system

Standards in our Systems are

  • Distribution system for the different valve systems
  • Irrigation-outlets with smooth and controlled water flow
  • Automatic fertiliser dosages with water powered dosing pump or fertilise mixer
  • Sandflter and filter-system (Stainless-steel)
  • Water bassins or backflow-bassin for collecting water
  • The rainwater reservoir for inside or outside use

Manual or fully automatic, KNECHT–Irrigation systems, set the standard for optimal irrigation and fertilisation of your crop. The complete system in horticulture.