Container facility

Flexibility in transportation.

The KNECHT-containers offer high flexibility in the transport of plants within a greenhouse. The Container – transport can be done manually, semi automated or fully automated.

The goal of a container-system is to find an optimum between the part of production area and the part of ways and working area. To realise those plans we use the following elements

  • Container or Rollmobil container – made of aluminium profiles
  • Pipe-lanes, height adjustable
  • Work-lanes with flap device i.e. interrupted piping
  • Work-lanes for the efficient treatment of your plants
  • Transport-rails with lifting-segment and connections to the pipe-lanes
  • Container servicing-rail, supply and removal between the production area and the work area

Concerning to the needs of the clients the container system can be upgraded by adding automised elemnents. Our own irrigation systems will make these systems complete and ready for production.