Rolltables systems

Universally applicable.

KNECHT’s Rolltable systems are universally applicable with the optimal utilisation of space. High quality materials and first-class workmanship guarantee long operation times even if highly strained.

The KNECHT-Rolltable systems can be employed in all greenhouse types. KNECHT hangers will help by the optimal utilisation of the production space in the third dimension.

Generally you will win more production area and optimise the space for the work processes.

  • Rolltables with stable metal substructure - height- adjustable, set up on finished tracks
  • Rolltables with galvanized steel-pipes - height- adjustable, installed in concrete foundings
  • Rolltables with a concrete substructure - height- adjustable

For our tabels diffrent inlays and tops are available:

  • high-quality Ebb- and flood trays, guarantees optimal irrigation
  • without residue moisture for nearly all crops
  • Mesh wire inlays in diffrent forms and sizes
  • System Flow-table with Styrofoamplate, PE-Foil,
  • Fleece and Anti-algae-foil
  • Gutters for special crop

The tables can also be fitted with any self-contained irrigation-system. Concerning to your needs you can add 1-way or 2-way valves.

As a rolltable or as a fixed design – KNECHT-tables have played an integral part in greenhouse-systems over many years.